What Books Mean to Me

AKA: why am I starting this blog?

Reading has always been a huge part of my life –that’s how these things are supposed to start, right?

But seriously, my earliest memory at school is learning how to read, my parents used to read to me every night before bed, I started a book club in high school with my friends just so I would have an excuse to read even more and me able to call it “socialization”. Books have always been there for me in whatever aspect I’ve needed them.

Books have so much to offer us; from wisdom to comfort to creativity.

            WISDOM: You can learn literally anything from a book. Yes, Google is nice and convenient and at the tips of your fingers at all times but nothing is better than a book. I mean, my university keeps making us buy at least five new textbooks every semester even in this digital era so there must be some value in them…right? Books don’t only teach us facts, they give us wisdom through experiences and lessons learned. They allow us to see the lives of others from a point of view that gives us insight into people and places that we may never have the chance to see in our own lives. And that’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.

            COMFORT: Books are amazing if you’re trying to get away from something. Don’t want to do homework? Grab a book instead. Avoiding cleaning your room? Head outside with your next TBR. Feeling a little down and just want to get away for a little? A book is always there for you. Now while there is always comfort in escaping, I find the most comfort in being understood. Nothing is better than when you’re reading a book, getting to know a character, and realizing “wait, this is so me”. There’s nothing more reassuring than seeing your own traits in a character and knowing that someone out there understands you and values you and thinks that other people will connect with these attributes in the same way. {Enter me –connecting to every single introverted character who would rather be home alone than out with friends…is this just reinforcing my bad habits?}

            CREATIVITY: I, for one, am not creative. I’ll be the first to admit that. I have always been a math and science person. I have an analytical mind and I honestly think that’s why I love reading so much. I’m astounded by how creative other people can be; how they can introduce us to worlds beyond our imagination, make us fall in love with fictional characters and then proceed to cry when they’re ripped away from us. I fully believe that the creativity of on person can spark the creativity of others. Books give me the opportunity to feel like, maybe, one day, I could possibly create something special.

Which gets me to my wrap-up point. Why am I actually making this blog (other than the fact that I clearly love books)? If you’re here, you probably already love books. You don’t need me to tell you how truly amazing they are. But I’m also making this blog for a selfish reason: I’m trying to let all the books I’ve read, and will read in the future, spark something in me. I’ve never been a writer and I’ve frankly never wanted to be. I have always been more comfortable reading other people’s words than trying to come up with them on my own. So, here is my attempt make some words by myself that hopefully some of you will enjoy reading.

Hope you have a paw-some day! ~Lindsay

10 thoughts on “What Books Mean to Me

  1. wonderful post, Lindsay!! I agree with everything you said, and I think the only think I’d like to add is that I like how being a lifelong reader has affected my grammar. I’m pretty happy with my grammar right now, even though you probably don’t think my grammar is that good from my comments and replies at 12 AM :”) But I ultimately love books because of the feelings they give me. I love to be amazed by what an author can create, and I want to fall in love with their characters as if they were real people. This was an amazing post, and I can’t wait to read more from your blog, Lindsay!

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  2. What a lovely discussion – and welcome to book blogging! I hope you’ll have tons of fun 🙂
    I so agree with you about the creativity, every single time I read a book I fall in love with, I am amazed by what the authors can create, just with words and how they can have such a big impact on my life, too. This always impresses me and… selfishly I’m hoping to be that person someday, too 🙂
    Happy blogging! 😀

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  3. I could still remember the horror I had when I was reading in Elementary. I think i was in 1st, maybe 2nd grade. I was already reading Dear America books, because I really loved those books, but I couldn’t check them out at my school’s library, because I’m too young. I had to get permission to read the book the first time, and the second time (I was too illiterate despite reading chapter books already?) I kinda held a grudge to that librarian until she quit.

    Books are so good, especially right now where we’re getting diverse novels, but still needs more work. Books had always been my comfort because it was something fun, and I was what second grade where I realized loving books was normal, so I read in secret while still playing with toys.

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  4. Loved this post! The creativity aspect is one I’ve never fully thought about before but is so true! It’s so crazy how much talent authors have to be able to create a whole world from nothing and to create characters that you care about when all they are is just words on a page. Amazing.

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