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Hey there! I’m Lindsay and, as I’m sure you can tell, I love books –and animals! I’ve decided to combine my love for both of them into this animal-themed book blog. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember and I’m so excited to share my bookish thoughts with all of you here!

Here’s a quick introduction to me through some of the most random yet hopefully interesting facts about me!

         🐾 I have two amazing doggos, Marley and Josie, who will be featured throughout the blog (No – I did not name my dog after the terribly depressing book, Marley and Me. We got her before the book came out and we named her after a girl my sister went to daycare with at the time, thank you very much)

Look how majestic

         🐾 I’m currently a student in grad school in a health science program, meaning that I have very little time yet I still try –and fail- to balance reading with the craziness of the rest of my life

         🐾 I’m a middle child and middle child syndrome is a real thing, look it up

         🐾 I have hobbies other than reading! I play the piano and guitar with extreme mediocrity, I love watching and playing sports and sometimes I even do something adventurous like skydiving

         🐾 Things that make me happy: iced coffee, oatmeal raisin cookies, white cheddar Cheez-Its, PUPPIES, fireplaces, trash reality TV, the beach and snow (hey, I live in New England, I kind of have to like both)

         🐾 I love what everyone else loves, I won’t pretend to be original; Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter –I’m a Ravenclaw of course

         🐾 Last fun fact: I’m a distant relative (you would need five greats before his name to get all the way to me so I mean DISTANT) of Noah Webster, like Webster’s Dictionary Noah Webster, so I guess words are in my blood

Thanks for checking out my blog, and happy reading!

For my contact info, please see the Contact Me page.

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