Book Recommendations for Aries!

Happy Aries season (March 21-April 19)!! Here are some book recommendations that I would make to Aries readers! An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson Aries don’t always like to show their sensitive side, but like Prince Rook, you’ll learn that sometimes it’s important to show your real feelings. The Lady Rogue By Jenn BennettContinue reading “Book Recommendations for Aries!”

Blog Tour: A Golden Fury

I’ve always been a big fan of reading both fantasy and historical fiction and A Golden Fury is such a great combination of those two genres! The setting of 18th century Europe was atmospheric and the perfect realistic backdrop to weave a fantastical through. This story provides an original take on alchemy and the legendContinue reading “Blog Tour: A Golden Fury”

Zodiac Book Recommendations: Libra

Happy Libra season (September 23-October 22)!! Here are some of my recommendations for Libra readers! Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict Diplomatic at their core, Libra readers are sure to love this book about the brave and influential woman beside Winston Churchill.  Once and For All by Sarah Dessen Libras have a side that’s completely immersedContinue reading “Zodiac Book Recommendations: Libra”

Oh look, I’m Obsessed With Another Group of Shadowhunters: Chain of Gold Review

“I never quite thought of friendship like that – as something that makes you more than you are.” I think this goes without saying, but I loved this book so much! I will forever and always continue to read all of the Shadowhunters books that Cassandra Clare puts out and I will tolerate zero slanderContinue reading “Oh look, I’m Obsessed With Another Group of Shadowhunters: Chain of Gold Review”

ARC Review: One Way or Another by Kara McDowell

“Next time you find yourself in a what-if spiral, stop yourself and ask a positive what-if.” One Way or Another was a fantastic, fun and meaningful book that will warm your heart while making you wish for your first sight of snow. I absolutely love winter and this book gave me all of those warmContinue reading “ARC Review: One Way or Another by Kara McDowell”

An Epic Conclusion: Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

“Let’s make this a fight worthy of a song.” This was easily my favorite book of the series! What a truly epic conclusion. I love how everything wrapped up and this was just a fantastic read overall.This book was super fast-paced and definitely had some crazy and wild action. The battle scenes were so vividContinue reading “An Epic Conclusion: Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas”

Learning About Great Love: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

“It’s always been fascinating to me how things can be simultaneously true and false, how people can be good and bad all in one, how someone can love you in a way that is beautifully selfless while serving themselves ruthlessly.” I loved this book and I’m so happy it lived up to the hype!! BeforeContinue reading “Learning About Great Love: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid”

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